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Welcome to the new Geography Site,which is currently being totally re-written and illustrated to cover the key elements of ALL the GCSE Geography courses currently being taught in the UK.

The content is broken down into the three main examination elements of Physical, Human and Geographical Skills, with the seperate topics such as Glaciation and Migration, listed under the main headings.

Each part of the curriculum is explained carefully, with diagrams and photographs to aid clarity and, usefully, we let you know which exam boards expect you to know what’s on the page. That way you can either study everything or concentrate just on what you need for your specific exam.

Because knowing the facts isn’t enough on it’s own to get you through an exam, we have also provided exam tips, and a break down of exactly what the examiners mean when they use words like discuss, contrast  and explain.

Because we are re-writing everything, not every link may work. Please bear with us whilst we work through the content.


If you want to tell us about something you think should be included, or you want to contact us for any other reason, please use the form below.

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