Have you got everything ready?

Different exams require you to have different equipment with you. Your teacher will know exactly what you can, and cannot, take into your exam so always ask him / her so you know what you need BEFORE the exam day.

However, here’s a list of a few things you will probably want to have with you…

Pens: Not just one but several in case one dries up or breaks. Exam boards may insist that you use black ink, so check.

Pencils: Several again in case one breaks

Coloured Pencils: Make sure you have the right colours for map work. Dayglow pink might be very pretty, but orange or brown will be more useful.

Ruler / Straight edge:  If you need to annotate or draw arrows, you need a straight edge of some sort. Remember to have a ruler / compass or setsquare.

Tissues: Its a fact; exams make your nose run, so always have some tissues with you.

Calculator: Most exams allow you to use one, and it’s useful for those numerical questions.

Sweets: If your school allows it, take a few that you dont need to unwrap in a noisy way. They are good for sore throats / a sugar boost or something to do while you stare in horror at the questions.

Transparent pencil case: Need it to hold everything else and it MUST be transparent so you can’t hide answer sheets in it.

Pencil eraser: For when you change your mind or shade in the wrong bit.

Pencil sharpener: Handy if you manage to blunten a pencil or need to change the shape of the tip.

Wrist watch: NOT a high-tech computer on your wrist but a simple watch for telling the time. Anything complicated might be banned.

Water bottle: Check first but if you are alowed, take one. Exams are in the Summer when an exam hall can get very warm.

DON’T take a mobile phone, correcting pen, highlighters or gel pens. If your calculator has a lid with formulae printed on it, don’t take the lid into the exam hall.