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AQA 8035, Cambridge IGCSE, CEA, Edexcel A, Edexcel B, Eduqas A, OCR A, OCR B, WJEC

Coastal Management

Coastal management is, as the name suggests, looking after and managing the coastal zone.  Globally, much of the world population lives on or near the coast, for a variety of reasons.  Because so many people live and work there it is necessary to manage it, to protect it from erosion and to preserve its fragile ecosystems and habitats.

Human intervention comes in many forms, ranging from installing huge coastal defence systems to entirely stop erosion, through to actively encouraging erosion in one place to protect somewhere else.   Different organisations and people have vested interests in what happens. People who own land and property along the coast don’t want to see it swallowed by the sea, fishermen want safe harbours, freight and ferry companies want large docks, tourists want unspoilt shores, and so on.  What everyone wants isn’t always compatible, so coastal management is often  a compromise between what one person wants and what somebody else wants.

The key areas of coastal management covered by the GCSE are…