Before the Exam Starts

Going through a quick checklist before you go into the exam will boost your confidence and ensure that you don’t forget anything important.

Here’s a basic check list for almost any exam …

What date?  Where?  What time?

You can only pass an exam if you turn up at the right place at the right time, with the right equipment. If you fail on any of those points then you’ll probably fail even if you know everything on the curriculum. So, most vital of all, know the date of the exam, know where it takes place and the time when you must be there. Then be there.

Arrive at least ten minutes early

Arrive on time and, oddly,  ‘on time’  means arrive early. Be at least ten minutes early so you can find the exam room, be told of any changes, and sort yourself out ready for the exam.

Get rid of banned items

Make sure you don’t have anything that could get you banned. Ditch the mobile phone, smart watch, ipod, music player, your revision notes and your text books, and check that your calculator doesn’t still have the manual or any programmes coded into it.

Check your equipment

Make sure you’ve got the right bits and pieces in your transparent pencil case, that your pens work, the pencils are sharpened and the eraser and a ruler are in there.


I know its a lot easier to say it than to do it, but relaxing will actually help you in the exam. Freedom from stress allows you to think more clearly and work more efficiently, so spend a few moments to relax, chill out and be calm.

Go into the exam

Enter the exam hall knowing that there isn’t anything more you can do other than relax, read the questions carefully, and give the best answers that you can.